2012 is gonna be tough- Get Involved Now!

Virginia United Against Oppression is getting geared up for a tough legislative session in 2012.

The General Assembly has certainly shifted somewhat in the past election. Many of the same bills we fought so hard last year will be dredged up again, only this time the balance in the state senate leans towards an aggressive right-wing agenda targeting workers, immigrants, and their families.

We relish the fight and will continue with our work of direct lobbying, and alternative forms of lobbying to include many communities that often  get left out of the political process.

Things we are keeping an eye on:

-“Virginia Rule of Law” bills that seek to check on immigration status in all forms of state government and services. Last year we killed the bulk of these racist bills, but make no mistake they will all be presented yet again.

-“Right to Work” being added to the state constitution, expect another attempt to further enshrine these already existing laws into the state constitution.

-Expect further attempts to limit workers abilities to recieve workers comp in a number of ways.

-Something new this year will likely be vicious social service and welfare gutting measures, such as requiring drug testing for people to qualify for food stamps and to use social services. We vow to include opposing this impending vicious anti-human legislation.

So GET INVOLVED NOW and help us craft a strategy and work on outreach so we will all be prepared for an aggressive General Assembly Session in 2012!

contact us at:

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