Anti-Immigrant Bills Stopped in the Committee (for now?)

We are very excited to report that today’s meeting of the Senate Sub-Committee on Immigration went extremely well for everyone concerned about human rights in Virginia.

10 of the bills considered were tabled and/or not reported to the Senate floor- aka- killed in committee!!!

Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far in the effort to stop racist and hateful legislation in our state, it really has made a difference in the process and in the lives of many of our fellow humans living in Virginia.

(the two bills that were “reported out” were HB 1651- which has the DMV revoking licenses when the federal government alerts them, which seldom happens, and HB 1859 which is identical to something already passed by the senate and now in the house SB 1049- which gives preference to contractors who use e-verify)

Our work is not done!
We have already seen a few legislative tricks this session, and judging by last year, some members of the General Assembly are not afraid to avoid normal procedure and to push things forward despite what committees or assembly rules may order. The chance of some of these bills being somehow revived still lingers and we promise to be extra vigilant in making sure that doesn’t happen.

There are 9 days left in the 2011 session of the General Assembly.
Two bills remain-  SB 1049 now in the House, and HB 1651 now in the Senate.
While these bills are very limited in the amount of harm they can cause, we still need to work to get the House and Senate to vote against them. This is no easy task, but well worth the effort.
You can contact your Delegate and Senator through the General Assembly website and ask her/him to vote against SB 1049 and HB 1651 respectively.

Here are some stories about what happened Tuesday- please feel free to engage in the comments sections of the RTD article as the many supporters of these reactionary laws tend to be very vocal on-line and we could use a hand countering their nonsense.

We have been working hard to bring people into this effort who aren’t otherwise involved, along with VACALAO and Virginia Organizing. Hopefully some of you will continue to be involved in immigrant rights issues after the session is complete, there are many opportunities to do so. Please stay up to speed at Virginia United Against Oppression or give us a call. We’ll be making sure to keep you updated!

With much thanks and respect,
Brandon Collins
(434) 249-3312

Breanne Armbrust
(804) 306-3121

Virginia United Against Oppression

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