Moving Forward

Last Friday, the Ku Klux Klan met to discuss… errr… we mean the House of Delegates Courts of Justice Special Sub-Committee #3- Immigration met to discuss all of the bills pertaining to immigration.

The committee is packed with delegates who are supporters and patrons of all of the anti-immigrant bills originating in the house. Folks in opposition to the legislation had their work cut out for them before even arriving, with a large crowd of supporters in attendance, and an extremely closed minded right wing committee, to try to convince them to do the right thing.

Almost needless to say, the committee approved the bulk of the bills and they will be sent to the floor of the House of Delegates for a vote. This means our fight is not over!

First- we need to get some press about this committee meeting and what votes are headed to the floor. This means we need your help! Writing letters to the editor, sharing on facebook, and forwarding press releases are all ways you can help spread the word.

Next- We need everyone to contact their delegates and tell them to vote against all of the racist anti-immigrant bills. We’ll have material you can copy and paste in the next few days, but go ahead and send your opinion to your delegate just click here.

And- We can start now finding ways to creatively address the problem- one thing you can do is contact your local government and get them involved. We have a sample draft resolution in opposition to the bills you can copy and paste from here. Drop us a line if this is something you can do! Even if a resolution isn’t passed, you may be able to get some of your local elected officials to get active on these issues. We can also start planning for visible demonstrations of opposition, for that we really need to hear from you! Some immigrant communities are organizing to respond to this issue, but also to prepare for the worst- get involved, every locality has resources for folks to get involved in outreach and organizing in the immigrant community.

After the House votes, Crossover Day happens, this is when bills from the House move to the Senate, and vice versa. This is a good time to contact legislators and voice your opinion, show up at the General Assembly and be heard! From there we do the same thing- get into the committee meetings where these bills will be discussed. This may ultimately be our best shot at stopping this nonsense(!), but it will require a lot of letter writing, contacting Senators, and putting public pressure on them before the committee meets.

So that is what needs to happen- but none of this will happen unless you get involved! Please contact us as soon as possible, there are a lot of human beings out there counting on your help!

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