Heading into Next Week!

Last Week 1/17-1/21 legislation moved quickly into various committees, sub-committees and onto the floor of House of Delegates. HB 1475 (one of the good bills) passed but in an altered way without including the brain injury language. It does include the fact that if a worker is killed or unable to testify, etc it will be presumed to be work related. HB 1509 (protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation) may die in committee, So Get to Work!

Del. David Toscano and Del. Joe Morrissey both took a strong stand on opposing a change to the State Constitution on the floor of the House of Delegates, HJ 500 (adds “right to work” to the constitution) headed for a hearing and may die in committee if we help keep the pressure up along with Del Toscano and Del Morrissey.

Bills pertaining to immigration in the House of Delegates have all been sent to Courts of Justice Sub-Committee #3: Immigration and will be a hot topic next week.

We have much work to do this coming week 1/24-1/28. Numerous hearings are scheduled, and you can be there! Contact us if you can attend any of these hearings or committee meetings:

MONDAY 1/24:

SB 789 (Sen. Watkins) E-Verify program; requires Virginia Employment Commission to use. (Will impact referrals from VEC as well as defining E-Verify) Hearing In Commerce and Labor Committee 1/24 CALL SENATORS NOW!!! Especially: Saslaw (Chairman), Colgan, Miller, Y.B., Wampler, Norment, Stosch, Edwards, Watkins, Wagner, Newman, Puckett, Puller, Herring, McEachin, Deeds Contact Us If You Can Be There 1/24

SB 759 (Sen. Reynolds) Workers’ compensation; compensable consequences. (Makes it harder for employees to defend themselves and adds the ability of an employer to place blame on employee for “secondary” injuries. Shortens the window for the process for the employee as well to file appeal) Hearing 1/24 Contact Us To Help!


HJ 500 (Del Bell) Constitutional amendment; right to work. (Would force this out as a balloting initiative, not necessary because language exists in state statute) Hearing 1/25 Contact Us If You Can Be There


SB 812 (Sen. Martin) Virginia Freedom of Information Act; access to salary information, etc., of public employees. (Excludes the name of any employee including officials from disclosure) Hearing 1/26 Contact Us If You Can Be There

Stay up to speed on legislation by visiting “The Bills” on our site. Stay tuned for more action that can be taken and make sure you call or write your legislators, write a letter to your local newspaper, talk to your church or civic group, and let us know how you can help!

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One Response to Heading into Next Week!

  1. Abol says:

    I am a legal immigrant with a withholding from removal type of asylum in the U.S. I’ve worked and lived in Virginia for the past 18 years always with a work permit and employment authorization. I’ve never been unemployed and still have a great job. I have two properties in this state too. So I’ve paid and I am still paying income tax, property taxes, car tax, and most importantly consider this my home. As of last year however, Virginia does not consider me a legal resident here even though the Federal government and USCIS does. It is not matter of just driving in Virginia, I can’t even get a walking ID, i.e. I don’t exist here but still have to pay tax. I am looking for other legal immigrants with my status to get together and file a class act law suit against this racist new law established in this state since 2010. Please let me know if you can help or join this cause.

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