Quick Action! Write Your Legislators!

Follow this link to the General Assembly Contact Form and let them know how you feel about these attacks on immigrants and workers in your district!

It is super easy! You don’t even have to know who your legislators are!

Write your own letter, copy and paste material from our website, request a meeting in person, or copy and paste this quick note:

Subject: Immigration and Workers Rights

Dear Del. [delegate’s name] and Sen. [state senator’s name],

I urge you both to actively and openly oppose legislation being proposed this session regarding immigrants and workers rights.


the anti-immigrant bills-  HB 1468, HB 1420, HB 1421, HB 1482, HB 1574,  HB 1775, and HB 1465

the anti worker bills- HJ 500, SJ 301, SB 812, and SB 759

and any and all legislation that contains the substance of these attacks on undocumented people and working people in the Commonwealth.

I believe these bills present a full scale attack on both immigrants and working people in Virginia:

Driving immigrants underground makes our communities less safe, keeping undocumented people away from social services and education makes for more suffering and leads to more crime. Immigration offenses are not felonies- we should not imprison people for long periods of time while they await deportation, this legislation means more prisoners and a heavier tax burden on Virginians. Having state police enforce federal law is an undue burden on the Commonwealth. Having public servants enforce federal immigration law also presents an undue burden on Virginia.

Virginia and Federal law already contain statutes banning a “closed shop” and requiring secret ballots in union elections- why should we put this in the constitution? All workers in Virginia deserve safe workplaces, limiting their access to workers compensation and making that process more difficult will do a lot of harm to a lot of hard working people.

Further I ask you to support the following legislation: HB 1475, HB 1509, and SB 747 allowing brain injury on the job to be considered for workers compensation, and protecting workers from discrimination in public and private employment.


[Your name]

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One Response to Quick Action! Write Your Legislators!

  1. Noah Kinsler says:

    Used the GA link and e-mailed the above letter to my legislators (Del. Purkey and Sen. McWaters).

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